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Welcome to the source for accurate listings of true claimants to royal and noble titles. With so many houses no longer ruling, it is often difficult to tell who is legitimate and who is not. This is not only a problem for those trying to tell if someone is legitimate or not, it is a problem for the nobles themselves.

This list provides a listing of current royalty and nobility around the world that have been scrutinized by our Research Committee. The persons listed here have either submitted proof sufficient to satisfy our Research Committee, or the committee has been able to verify their legitimacy independently. In some cases, such as when the line is famous or well-known, this is very easy.

A person not being listed on this site does not mean they are not legitimate. The committee is completely overworked at the enormity of the task they have, and so the list is not yet complete. It may never be complete. However, if a royal or noble is listed on this site, then you know that the committee is satisfied as to their legitimacy.

The list is led by several Royal Patrons and a Secret Council. The identities of the Patrons, the members of the Secret Council, and the Research Committee are all kept confidential. This is for their own protection and to maintain the integrity of the highly important work that they perform.

Solicitations for inclusion on this list are not accepted. This also protects the integrity of the list. Members of the committee either obtain the supporting information on their own from publically-available sources, or they approach the potential listee personally.

It has been brought to our attention that there is are several other "councils" and "commissions" on nobility and knighthoods on the Internet. In some cases these appear to be run by private individuals seeking to exercise authority that they do not possess. In other cases, they appear to have strong political agendas. We are titled nobles and have no need to charge for our services. We serve the truth, not politics.

Nobles are listed by country, with sovereign houses listed separately. There is also a list of Orders of Knighthood. The listings may be found by following the links to the left. Typically only the head of the house will be listed, but others in the family may, at the committee's discretion be listed.


The Council of International Royalty, Nobility, and Chivalry


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