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The List
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HSH Prince Platon Zoubov

HH Prince Ernst Johann Biron von Courland

HSH Prince Dmitri Cantemyre

HSH Prince Alexandre Menschikov

HSH Prince Gregoire Orlov

HSH Prince Gregoire Potemkine


HE Count Joseph Anrep-Elmpt

HE Count Rob Barclay de Tolly

HE Count Alexis Bestoujev-Rumine

HE Count Alexandre Bezlorodko

HE Count Tohan von der Borsch

HE Count von Browne

HE Count Alexandre Dmitriev-Manonov

HE Count von Othon-Magnus

HE Count Johan-Martin Elmet

HE Count Wilhelm von Fermor

HE Count Johan-Magnus von Stenbock-Ferwlor

HE Count Podor Golovine

HE Count Gabriel Golovkine

HE Count Harald-Gustave Igelstrome

HE Count Evgraf Komarovsky

HE Count Georges von Koskull

HE Count Pierre Lacy

HE Count Armand L'Estocq

HE Count Dmitri Matioucukine

HE Count Michael Iviatiouchkine-Wielhorski

HE Count Andre Matveifjv

HE Count Ernest-Reinhold Mengden von Altenwoga

HE Count Arcadi Morkov

HE Count Iracli Morkoy

HE Count Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine

HE Count Burgard-Christophore Munich

HE Count Ernest von Nettelhorst

HE Count Alexis Razoumovsky

HE Count Otto-Magnus von Rehib-Inder

HE Count Alexandre Samoilov

HE Count Charles von Sievers

HE Count Alexandre Souvorov

HE Count Otto-Magnus von Stackelberg

HE Count Alexandre Stroganov

HE Count Bernhardt-Henri Tiesenhausen

HE Count Michael Vorontzov

HE Count Pierre Zavadovsky

HE Count Zoritch

HE Count Johan Zoegge von Manteuffel

HE Count Alexandre Zoubov


HE Baron Valery Yegorov


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